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Road Hauks Cast

Kenny Hauk


Owner/Lead Designer Hauk Designs

After being laid off from his construction job in 2008, Kenny Hauk took his passion for building custom vehicles to a whole new level. Opening Hauk Designs out of his parents’ garage in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, Kenny has grown the company into a world-renowned off-road automotive shop. Kenny’s ability to brainstorm concepts for vehicles that combine iconic historical elements with cutting-edge off-road engineering is endless. He prides himself on being able to build anything he puts his mind to. His builds are both works of art and high-horsepower beasts capable of devouring the off-road. Get Kenny's shirt design here!



Lead Mechanic

While Rick is the mechanical genius behind Kenny’s creative builds, the two men’s personalities couldn’t be more different. Rick is the self-elected shop “bouncer” who is rough, gruff, and says whatever he wants. Despite their differences, Kenny and Rick work brilliantly together to create one-of-a-kind vehicles. Browse apparel shown on Road Hauks!



Lead Fabricator

As the Lead Fabricator, Rob’s job is to make anything and everything out of metal for Kenny’s crazy designs. Rob is always up to the task and helps bring Kenny’s visions to life with custom pieces that have never been seen or done before. Get Rob's shirt design here!




As the new guy in the shop, Josh Moe has never worked in a place quite like Hauk Designs. An experienced mechanic and technician, he’s up for the challenge of creating any build and keeping all the personalities in the shop in check. Browse apparel shown on Road Hauks!



Vianna is Kenny’s wife and a part owner of Hauk Designs. She is a daily presence at the shop and is an accomplished fabricator and CAD artist herself. She handles the laser cutting and final custom designs for the one-of-a-kind parts and machined needs. Get Vianna's shirt design here!

Also a musician, Vianna has an original album with songs written and performed by her.



Dylan is a technician responsible for everything from helping out the team on full custom builds to knocking out lift kits for walk-in customers. His dry sense of humor and quiet demeanor keep him calm even when others are not. Browse apparel shown on Road Hauks!



Brian is a mechanic who will work on absolutely anything, whether it’s Kenny’s latest mad creation or tricking out a stock Jeep with the full package of bolt-ons and extras. His offbeat sense of humor keeps the rest of the guys entertained, even when they’re working under tight deadlines. Get Brian's shirt design here!




Clint has been with Kenny almost from the beginning of Hauk Designs and has stuck around to see the business become the talk of the automotive industry. As Kenny’s longest tenured employee, Clint is a jack-of-all-trades who does whatever needs to be done in order to bring Kenny’s visions to life. Browse apparel shown on Road Hauks!



Operations Manager

While Kenny is the boss and man behind the monster visions at Hauk Designs, he quickly learned that running the office wasn’t for him. Justin is a militant manager who handles the money and makes sure the doors to stay open and the team gets paid. Get Justin's shirt design here!